Refill shopping is really simple, in fact, it's how grocery shopping used to be done. The great thing about our setup is that it will be like going to a serviced food counter....You point. Give us your container. Tell us how much to fill your container. And we'll do the rest. 

No rubbish. No product waste.


You can bring almost anything you want (within reason) to get refilled. 

Clean, dry and sealable are best, as this is how your purchased product would most like to be stored. 

The aim of our business is to reduce the amount of single use packaging that goes into landfill so if it's a reused plastic container, then it's still perfect.

Some of the most obvious container options are...



...old take-away boxes

Food bags (plastic/linen/paper)

...even old cereal bags and paper bags



...old ice cream and soup tubs are great


OK, you've located us or we've located you.
You've arrived with your containers and know exactly what you want...OR have no idea and are just
selecting what you'd like from what's on display in front of you.

Step One

First we weigh your empty vessel on our scales - this is so we can deduct it later when pricing and you're not paying for the weight of the packaging.

Step Two

We then fill the container with as much or as little of the product you need (that means if you only need 100g for a recipe, that's all you need to buy). 

Step Three

Finally, we re-weigh your container with the product in (deducting the previous container weight) and charge only for the lost money on packaging that ends up in landfill.